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Feb. 4th, 2016 04:48 pm
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It took me a while to start posting again, but I wanted to get all my profiles in order before starting anything and that's a lot of work for the limited computer time I have.

This feels...good. Relaxing. There's a sense of peace and a fresh start that i didn't feel with my former username. There's so much history tied to that name and not a lot of it good, both when it comes to my writing and personal life.

So this is a fresh start. I'm 30 years old, a new year is before me, hopefully I'll find a job this year so I can have some actual financial security and I have a new fandom.

I've seen Star Wars: The force awakens twice now in the past two weeks. I haven't seen a film in a theatre in over two years and I couldn't have picked a better one. I spent the first five minutes giggling like a loon because I've been playing LEGO Star Wars a lot lately, but OH MAN. The film is perfect and a lot of people have been much more eloquent than me in their admiration, but...

I love the diversity of the cast, in terms of race and gender and the fact that they all look like normal everyday people instead of Hollywood fake.
REY. Rey is everything I didn't know I needed in a female character and she's perfect. And I still get amazed by the fact that her hair is tied up throughout the entire film.
Finn is awesome, terrified and good and innocently adorable.
Poe. Poe is my baby and the one I intend to torture the most. He's good and nice and honest and simply awesome for a man that's supposed to be macho flyboy.
The mood of the film is fantastic and the effects and the feel is a true continuation of the Original Trilogy and the original cast made me cry.
And as always, the bots stole the show. ^_^

It's so strange, being in a fandom at it's beginning (yes, I am aware it's not the real beginning, but you know what I mean. I usually get there at least a year too late (Avengers) or more (Gundam Wing and Stargate Atlantis) and it's sooooo good. Refreshing and I don't feel isolated from everything. Like one of the geeks trying to pretend she's cool.

I am writing. I have written a lot of words in January and even though nothing is ready for posting yet I'm writing and that's what's most important. I signed up for the [community profile] theforceawakensbigbang and I already have the story mostly plotted out, inspired by a [community profile] tfa_kink prompt. My fandom self is in a happy, happy place right now.

The weather here has been really good to us this winter. We had a couple of really cold weeks at the end of December/ beginning of January, but for the most part winter hasn't really been...winter. Apparently, according to the weather people, it's actually nearly done. At the beginning of February. i am still expecting one more period of true cold sometime in March, but other than that the spring is almost here. The days are longer, the temperatures are 10-15 degrees Celsius on average and slowly everything is turning green. I'll be spending tomorrow in the garden pruning the trees.

That's it for now, but I'm going to stick to my New Year's resolution and post more.


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